Commercial Laundry Service

Dry cleaning

You will never have to fear of ruining your elegant clothes, office wear and daily wear items when we are here to provide the ideal dry-cleaning services. We will take care of your clothing items and will provide the ultimate solution at very cheap price, to get rid of your dirty laundry load.

KG laundry

Share your load with us and enjoy the day! Why waste time cleaning a pile of clothes when you have more important work to do? Give us your laundry load and let us handle your daily chore. We will pick it up, clean it, organize and deliver it to your doorstep. Always find your wardrobe full of clean and fresh clothes to wear.

Regular laundry

If you want to hire our regular service, we are here to provide it with the best plans at an affordable rate. It will take just 3 – 4 days to clean the load. Let us serve you to clean your laundry on a regular basis and keep you free from handling your laundry load.

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